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Strategies & Solutions for Profitability

Achieving targeted levels of EBIDTA needs a comprehensive approach across various elements of the company's value chain. Too often, B2B organisations embark on profitability initiatives that are essentially functionally focused( e.g throughput improvement)  which fail to deliver results in EBIDTA/profitability. 

Taking an Integrated approach to Profitability requires asking fundamental questions

Key Questions

  • Which industry segments & products are value creating and have the potential to provide future growth?

  • Which Customer Segments are more attractive to serve?

  • Is the current product mix geared to provide the targeted levels of EBIDTA & profitability?

  • How can we enhance the profitability of product baskets which we want to grow?

  • Is our supply & operations geared up to provide the best in class services for the most attractive industry/customer segments?

Strategies & Solutions

Progility Consulting helps clients in addressing the key questions from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective. 

  • Formal assessments of industry & customer segments using variety of parameters

  • Defining the customer & industry segments that are critical for profitability

  • Defining to-be cost, supply chain response and manufacturing strategies to achieve the targeted profitability levels

  • Designing and implementing appropriate Supply chain design and manufacturing systems

  • Strategic cost optimisation that focus on building competitive advantage rather than operation cost reduction strategies

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Insights from our work with a polyester manufacturer on pricing & profitability improvement

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